Consumer needs are constantly changing. More than ever before, people want immediate information and dependable hearing solutions as soon as they decide to act – and they’re happy to shop around to get them.

Changes in society right through to consumer behaviour will affect your business. To ensure you can meet your clients’ demands and maintain their loyalty, you must be prepared.

To strengthen your position as a modern hearing care provider and to differentiate yourself clearly from competitors, it is important that you are equipped to meet the needs and expectations of the market. We can help you to offer the best possible hearing care to people with hearing loss.

Oticon can provide you with the strongest portfolio of products and support to help your clients hear better and for you to build your business – all based on actual insights from our continuous user surveys and anthropological field studies.

We share the same goals. Let’s reach them together.

The future playing field of audiology

Inspired by research, insights already present into our current solutions, and insights into modern users, solutions will be developed to new levels that will help you empower your clients to achieve their wish for a socially active life.

This will begin to be realised through an individualised approach that makes the most of each hearing solution user’s unique characteristics.

Audiology is changing

In an attempt to respond to changing consumer demands, audiology is no longer just a set of diagnostic tests. It involves a wide range of activities and requires understanding of broader disciplines such as psychology, engineering and computer science.

Professionals still need to understand how hearing works and the effect of hearing loss, but they also have to understand the demands placed on hearing when hearing loss is present.

They must also understand the role of motivation and encouragement in the rehabilitation process, the physical properties and abilities of hearing devices, how to programme and control various hearing solutions, as well as the appropriate treatment of the end user as a person.

  • Un panel d'experts présente les changements en termes de technologie, de focalisation et de présentation qui ont déjà eu un impact sur la provision des soins auditifs et vont continuer de le faire. Ils prédisent un contraste entre le consommateur traditionnel et le consommateur technologie, une transition d'un système de provision basé sur le prestataire à un système axé sur le patient, et des cliniciens moins axés sur les produits et plus interessés par les services et plus focalisés sur tous les aspects du traitement pour le patient, y compris la rééducation.

    H. Abrams et coll. (2007) : “Le futur de la provision de soins auditifs”

Today’s consumers live longer and expect more

Many clients with hearing loss have traditionally lived a quiet, more passive lifestyle. But you will have discovered that today’s clients are not prepared to compromise on living. People seek out and enjoy cultural and social activities like never before.1 In fact, for the older individual leisure activities are extremely important because they help maintain health and engagement with life.

Participation in activities for those with untreated hearing loss requires the brain to work harder. This makes it more challenging for people to manage without wearing themselves out by the end of the day.


"Whatever their lifestyle and aspirations, they want to be able to get the most out of every day, and they seek to maintain their levels of vitality throughout their life."

On top of this, the average life expectancy is rising. People can now expect to live 10 years longer. For many that means living 20-25% of their lives in socially active retirement, because they can expect to have better health late in life.

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