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One toolbox to ensure you stay ahead 

At Oticon we are committed to ensuring you have the solutions and tools you need to attract more clients, maximise interaction during counselling and fitting stages and maintain their long term loyalty. 

We aim to support you in all aspects of your practice by helping you provide personalised client care, delivering effective business support tools to optimise your clinic and bulletins to help you stay on top of the latest industry developments. We believe that with the right tools and training at every stage, you will enjoy optimal, long-term client satisfaction.

Explore our wide range of tools below.

The care you provide matters

So we deliver tools that simplify the complexities of hearing loss for your clients and allow you to efficiently build up a full understanding of their situation and the way they wish their life to sound.

Is our dynamic counselling toolbox filled with more than 25 tools designed to encourage rich and engaging dialogue between you and your clients.

Meet more of your clients' individual needs with a process that supports you from evaluation and initial fitting to personalisation.

Optimise your clinic

We provide you with business support tools including consumer marketing toolkits, management packages and business support to help you maximise and release the full potential of your clinic.

Our website features a hearing centre locator which directs potential clients from our website straight to your clinic

Target and retain first-time and experienced users with a wide range of elements designed to drive traffic to your clinic.

Raise and reinforce awareness about your clinic(s) with posters, banners, displays and more.

Stay on top of developments

Hearing care changes continually, so we offer a wide range of events and elements such as seminars, online courses, newsletters and more so you can keep up to date with audiology, innovation, marketing, business administration, counselling and more.

With your own unique login and password, access online learning courses, receive industry development updates, order products and materials, find marketing tools, use Oticon's marketing material customiser and more.

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Genie fitting software

Identify each of your clients’ personal profiles through audiogram, personal data and sound preferences.

Discover the very latest technological and audiological innovations, counselling strategies and more.

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Our core features

Learn how our core features combine to give your clients exceptional sound quality, excellent speech intelligibility and effort-saving spatial awareness.

Premium Alta

Our premium hearing solution, Alta, literally changes what’s possible. Achieve even greater client satisfaction by shaping a solution exclusively to their individual hearing needs and personal sound preferences.

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