Product News

  • Ideal for bimodal fittings

    Smørum Denmark
    2. November 2015

    If you haven’t yet been asked to manage a unilaterally implanted patient, it is only a matter of time before you will be. Via a short and simple flowchart, the bimodal fitting guide in Genie takes you through the steps of programing a Dynamo or Sensei SP hearing aid to work with any brand of cochlear implant.

  • Discretion to the Second Power

    Smørum, Denmark
    2. November 2015

    The Plus Power versions of Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 pack more power into a BTE13 hearing aid than any other instrument on the market

  • Dynamo - new super power hearing aid

    Smørum, Denmark
    2. November 2015

    Working with clients who have severe to profound hearing loss, you’ll encounter considerable variations in performance, even among people with similar audiograms.

  • Introducing Sensei Super Power

    Smørum, Denmark
    2. November 2015

    An exceptionally powerful hearing aid in a very small size, Sensei Super Power helps your youngest clients perceive speech more clearly and develop their language skills through improved access to the full spectrum of speech sounds.

  • Are you ready for Ready Fit?

    18. September 2015

    Oticon’s new Ready Fit CIC offers a unique alternative to custom-made CICs.

    We are strengthening our Performance Line CIC offering, by being the first hearing aid manufacturer to launch a pre-manufactured CIC wireless.

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