Discretion to the Second Power

Smørum, Denmark
02/11/2015 00:00:00

No more compromising

The Plus Power versions of Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 pack more power into a BTE13 hearing aid than any other instrument on the market. They deliver an MPO of 138 dB SPL output and 73 dB Full-On Gain. And they feature Oticon BrainHearing™ technologies for improved speech understanding. For hearing aid users who value discretion, this means they no longer have to compromise on power and participation. 

BrainHearing™ – for improved speech understanding

Plus Power incorporates Oticon BrainHearing™ technologies that give hearing aid users access to speech that would otherwise go lost. These include Speech Guard E, an advanced compression technology that delivers just the right amplification while preserving the natural dynamic nuances of speech. In addition Soft Speech Booster supports BrainHearing™ and facilitates speech understanding in challenging environments. The result is improved speech understanding with less effort – and more satisfying participation in everyday life.

Inium Sense feedback shield – no more annoying feedback

Feedback in a hearing aid is annoying and can stand in the way of speech understanding and communication. Carefully optimised for severe-to-profound hearing loss, Plus Power’s Inium Sense feedback shield will keep hearing aid users comfortably protected from unwanted whistling and squealing, without compromising on sound quality.

YouMatic – tailor Plus Power to individual client needs

People with severe-to-profound hearing loss know their hearing aids well and are used to the way they sound. Because it takes time for the brain to “reprogram” itself to take advantage of new enhancements, advances that can make a genuine difference often go unnoticed when a client tries a new hearing aid. With Plus Power, there’s no need to stick with an outdated hearing aid when significant improvements are at hand. Our unique YouMatic technologies help you guide your client through the transition process, customising the instrument’s sound to your client’s hearing preferences as their brain grows used to the changes.