Introducing Sensei Super Power

Smørum, Denmark
02/11/2015 00:00:00

The new Sensei SP

An exceptionally powerful hearing aid in a very small size, Sensei Super Power helps your youngest clients perceive speech more clearly and develop their language skills through improved access to the full spectrum of speech sounds.

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143 dB SPL/82 dB – the highest output ever from a BTE13

Sensei Super Power is built on Oticon’s new ultra-fast Inium Sense platform, which delivers 143 dB SPL MPO, 82 dB Full-On Gain and low frequency output. Never before has a BTE13 device packed so much power, which is all the more impressive given Sensei SP’s small size and versatility.

BrainHearing™ – making more sense of sound

Sensei SP employs a set of Oticon technologies we call BrainHearing™ to support the development of a broad range of cognitive skills for children with hearing loss. Oticon’s BrainHearing technology delivers consistent sound processing that matches your child’s needs at every stage of development.

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Speech Rescue™ – access to the inaudible

The first of the technologies, Speech Rescue™, creates copies of high-frequency sounds like ‘s’ and ‘th’ and “pasting” them into a lower frequency range, where the child can hear them. Unlike similar technologies, Speech Rescue™ leaves the original sounds in place and positions the copy into unoccupied space in the frequency range for unrivalled fidelity and clarity.

Speech Guard E and Speech Rescue™ – every speech cue counts

Once Speech Rescue™ has made high-frequency consonants accessible to hearing, our proven Speech Guard E compression technology steps in to deliver just the right amplification while preserving the natural dynamic nuances of speech. As a result, the child will perceive speech more clearly to support language development, and his or her brain will have an easier time decoding what people are saying, even in noisy environments.

Inium Sense feedback shieldSP – affection without feedback

Children want and need cuddling and affection, but hearing aids can spoil the fun with feedback whistling and squealing. Carefully optimised for severe to profound hearing loss, the Inium Sense feedback shieldSP in Sensei SP controls feedback and lowers barriers to social interaction, without compromising high-quality sound.

Amigo FM & ConnectLine – connect in class and after school

To get the most out of school, children need to hear what the teacher is saying. Oticon’s Amigo FM system makes sure this happens by transmitting the teacher’s words directly to the child’s Sensei Super Power in a clear, high-quality digital signal. Amigo FM receivers work with virtually all currently available FM transmitters. After school, Oticon’s ConnectLine system helps children take part in the broader digital conversation by wirelessly sending audio from gaming devices, computers, music players and more straight to the Sensei SP.

More safety, less worry

Dropping things. Losing things. Taking things apart. Children are children, and Sensei SP hearing aids are designed to tolerate the rough and tumble of everyday use. An LED status indicator makes sure the child’s parents know if the device is working or out of battery. Shock and drop resistance and IP58 classification protect the device from rough play, dust and water. Allergen-free materials keep children safe and sound. And an optional tamper-resistant battery door protects the device from curious young fingers.

The perfect choice for bimodal fittings

More and more parents of children with cochlear implants choose to have their child fitted with a hearing aid in the contralateral ear. Yet many hearing aids fitted with CIs are poorly balanced. Sensei SP solves the problem via a bimodal fitting guide in our Genie fitting software. The protocol can accommodate wideband and restricted bandwidth fitting, as well as the use of frequency lowering and loudness balancing.

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